Project Description

Conceptus provided input and commercial property advice relating to the financial components, risks and opportunities associated with the development process for both traditional and deliberative forms of development

The paper was prepared by Echelon Planning with input from Conceptus.


Municipality of Moreland.

The Project

Moreland City Council engaged both Echelon Planning and Conceptus to provide a report to understand how the deliberative development model is structured and whether there is a role for council in actively participating in this form of development.

Conceptus provided input and analysis that identified the key differences between the conventional and deliberative development process, in addition to breaking down the main components within the property feasibility model that have potential to enable deliberative development to provide housing that is more affordable.

A critical analysis of the risks and opportunities associated with Councils participation in the model was also undertaken in order to assist Council in making a decision of the appropriate level of participation.

Services Provided

  • Property Advisory


  • Moreland City Council